Bill McDaniel's Vietnam Page

I served a year in Vietnam (1968 to 1969) and was assigned to the Avionics Attachment of the 162nd Assault Helicopter Company. The first half of my tenure, we were in Phouc Vinh, and the last half in Dong Tam.

Here is a picture of the group of people who were assigned to the Avionics Detachment.

Here is a list of the people in the picture, in not necessarily any order: Robert Joy, Ted, Robert Cheurivi, Bob Lofless, John Abramson, Mike Kolanik (center with glasses), Joe Mesko, Lamar Faudree, Bill McDaniel (holding bottle), Bill Campbell, John Heck, Maurice Steward (front, wearing watch). Picture taken by John Fox, April 15, 1969, Dong Tam, VietNam. You can do a right click, and select View Image to see a larger photo.

This is me in front of one of the helicopters we worked on.